About Adiro Energy

Adiro Energy was founded by two passionate technocrats who wanted to bring the power of sun onto  every home to make the common man energy sufficient and contribute to saving the earth's fragile Eco-system by reducing dependence on fossil fuels. We felt harnessing solar energy is the right alternative renewable energy source. It is this passion that keeps us striving to add real value proposition in terms of affordability and sustainability to meet the growing clean energy demands. 

Our Vision and Mission

To provide smart solar solutions that add value to customers and to provide high quality products and services at affordable pricing.

Our Core Values

  • Quality

  • Customer Satisfaction

  • Innovation

  • Cost Effectiveness

Our Approach

Every customer has different energy requirements and our endeavor is to provide affordable and customized solar energy that adds value to them.Our engineers visit the customer and understand their requirements. Accordingly we design the entire power plant BOS and then do the installation and commissioning. We engage with our customer and offer warranty services. We also remotely monitor the healthiness and effectiveness of the solar plant.Our solutions cater to a wide variety of applications including residence , commercial spaces ,industries, petrol bunks, Telecom,street lights.Our expertise in designing end to end solutions for all kinds of solar requirements is our main strength.