Solar for Residences 

Solar for Schools & Colleges

Solar for Commercial spaces

  • Unreliable power and increasing cost of electricity  are a major deterrent for consumers and hence solar power is the best alternative.

  • Solar Power is cost effective and offers good ROI..

  • Our Solutions are customized for every home based on their energy usage.

  • Schools and Colleges can benefit extensively by use of Solar power for their daily usage.

  • They can be an effective could herald a revolution by being a contributor to green energy

  • We also provide free session to the students on solar power generation.

  • Huge savings for Industries on commercial tariff by going solar .

  • Very good ROI  with depreciation benefit..

  • Reduce carbon footprint  and contribute for a green revolution.

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Solar for Petrol Bunks

  • Petrol Bunks could effectively use their rooftop to generate power and save money. 

Solar for Street lights

  • Conventional street light are replaced by solar LED street lights.

  • These solar lights find applications in highways, roads and streets and even places like garden, open lawn spaces .

  • They offer substantial savings and are hassle free.

Solar for Telecom

  • Telecom Towers could avoid power interruptions and save money by installing solar panels and do away with polluting diesel generators. 

  • Remotely located towers could benefit a lot with reliable power